About us

Our Light-show runs every night from November 24th to December 31st. Sunday-Thursday 5pm-10pm –  Friday and Saturday Evenings we run from 5pm to 12pm.

Tune to 106.5 to listen to our music synchronized to lights.

Please help others this holiday season &  bring any non-perishable food items to our display (we have a donation bin at the bottom of our driveway.)

The best part about our display is all the “controllers” are 100% hand made. Raw parts were bought and assembled to make this awesome light display for you!

Our inspiration for the light show came from visiting Walt Disney World’s Spectacle of Lights in 2005!

Walt Disney World’s Spectacle of Lights Details:

  • 5 Million Lights
  • 32 miles of extension cables
  • 66 snow machines
  • 100 gallons of snow fluid per night

Display Etiquette

We love Christmas lights and we love to share them with others. Please keep in mind that we have neighbors that are looking forward to their own Christmas cheer and we would sincerely appreciate your courtesy to them during your visit. By abiding with the following points we can keep our Christmas spirit in check.

  • Do not turn around in our neighbors driveways.
  • No one likes to have dozens of cars turning around in their driveways in an evening flashing headlights into their house.
  • Do not block driveways or intersections.
  • Our neighbors have the right to get to and from their homes without hassle. Blocking driveways and intersections is not acceptable so please extend the right of way to our neighbors.
  • Please do not park directly in front of our house. This allows more people to see at once.
  • No honking, yelling, loud radios, or littering.
  • If the situation becomes discourteous to the neighborhood the display will be shut down until all traffic has left. We appreciate your understanding and keeping our neighborhood a safe and quiet place during the Christmas season.