11-15-2017 – we are in process of building a programmable scrolling message sign, this thing is 15 feel long!

11-12-2017 – Working on large tree!

11-8-2017 – Rented a bucket/boom lift to help put up lights!

11-7-2017 – More Lights!

11-6-2017 – Target Run for More Lights & Programming the light computer.

11-5-17 – Installed lights on the 4 columns


11-2-2017 – Installing Hooks and Lights! Testing them too!

10-30-2017 – Installed count down timer in front yard!

10-19-2017 – Karin & I Rebuilt 2 yard signs today!


10-18-17 – Testing New Mini Trees!

10-17-17 – Building Mini Trees

Testing Controllers.

Prepping Extension Cords and Lights.

Added Circuits and outlets to power panel.

Preparing The Work-area for the Light Computer.

Installed Underground Pipe For Power and Data Cables.

10-8-2017 Karin and I preparing the windows with hooks for lights!


Just testing the first string of lights.